About Garrahan Off-Road Training

Garrahan Off Road Training offers classes and personal instruction for any level of off-road motorcycle enthusiast. GOT classes focus on building confidence, technique and intuitive control of the bike under any situation.

About Brian Garrahan

GOT founder, Brian Garrahan, has been riding since childhood and racing as a professional at the highest levels of the sport for over 20 years. He’s raced world-wide in nine ISDE Enduros, six of which were for The Team USA World Trophy Team, earning five gold medals, one silver, and one bronze. He’s a three time national Hare Scramble champion and the winner of over 20 national events;  a multiple District 36 champion, and winner of several GNCC, National Enduro, and OMA races.

What We Teach

Brian’s talent as a racer is equal to his deep understanding as a coach and teacher. Whether a first time rider, an experienced racer or a road-rider looking to move to dirt, Brian has the unique ability to quickly assess that person’s unique needs and tailor exercises to get them to the next level. As Brian puts it, “I try to explain it in a way each individual rider can understand. It all comes down to proper riding position. If you understand technique, then safety, speed and self confidence follow”.

Any Age, Any Skill Level

GOT has great programs designed for kids, females, and first time riders. We start on wide open, flat spaces and build confidence through fun exercises designed to teach and instill real technique. For advanced riders, we choose locations and trails that require mastery of specific skill sets.

Whether you are a seasoned rider wanting to improve your technique, or just curious to check out the sport, you’ve come to the right place: Don’t just try it, experience it.

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