What South Bay Riders Are Saying

” Brian has been a great coach over the privates I’ve done with him. I knew I wasn’t very good at riding, but I didn’t realize how much there was to work on until I got in a formal environment with a patient coach and nuanced feedback.

FYI for anyone looking to do a class or privates, there aren’t man fast guys who are good coaches, let alone who understand how to apply things they take for granted to new students. It’s definitely something coaches have to work on and Brian seems to be going from a good coach to a better and better one.”

“Must do class”

This is a must do class the proof came at Hollister. First lap not good wanted to quit and go home. I had a talk with myself and got off the seat and just rode. Much to my surprise my body reacted with a learned technique. Every drill came into play and I automatically knew what to do. The second lap was a blast and I wanted more the money spent on the class was well worth it if I can enjoy riding in those conditions with confidence. Thank you Brian, Justin, and Roberta.

– Joel Cabezuela

“Successful class”

Thanks Brian, Justin and Roberta for bringing GOT to our place, and all our friends old and new for making this weekends class a huge success!! Everyones help before during and after was greatly appreciated!

– Adam Carpineta & Kathy Carpineta

A  Street  Rider’s Perspective

“Here’s the BLUF (bottom line up front): GOT’s “Intro to Dirt” course is an outstanding and fun bang for the buck that is absolutely worth every spent penny.” — Joyce Sampson N. Cal BMW Club

“Fixed  My Bad Habits”

It was so nice to come home sore from drills then bruises from falling! Brian did a great job of communicating what my bad habits were and why fixing them would make me a safer faster rider.

— Eddy Gonzales


The course exceeded all of our expectations, and the immediate affect and awareness that Brian and Alex brought to our riding was impressive. We come away with one day of instruction, and really a minimal amount of time applying the techniques, but the confidence inspired by understanding the importance of rider position and control is priceless.

We will be back and Thank you,

— Eric Evan and Griffin Ditmars

“The  Most Awesome 32 Miles of My Life”.

Hi Brian,

So the boys took your class at E St on Good Friday. Then we went up to Stonyford and they did some trail riding over Easter, which was great because Josh has always been intimidated by “trail” riding and didn’t want to do the family enduros this year. Now suddenly he said that trail ride was “the most awesome 32 miles of my life”. They were excited about the class and told Jimmy all about it all last weekend, and have been talking about it all week (Jake thinks he rides like Justin and Josh thinks he is more like Brian). Jimmy said he did notice improvement in their riding and especially their self esteem and attitude. Then yesterday he took them back to E St to practice and I got a phone call from him, freaking out, saying “Holy crap, you didn’t tell me how fast they were on this track, what the hell did Brian teach them?? And whatever he did, it was worth every penny!!!”. And I guess Josh FINALLY cleared that big table top, we are never going to hear the end of that, the younger brother clearing it before the older brother…Anyway, now I guess I have to start saving up for the camp at the Oliveira’s house over the summer!!

Thanks guys. Sherri

 “My best ever”

Riding at Metcalf

My best ever.  Better balancing, more attack, more smoothness after my Garrahan class.  I was amused that I actually reeled in a Honda that entered ahead of me on my second loop. All climbs more smooth and aggressive.

Back to pits to check time, realized that I’d better pack up to meet my date.

consider this a thanks,


 “I wish I did this a long time ago”

I just wanted to say that “I wish I did this a long time ago”.

I am a 50-year old rider, who wished he had taken courses like the GOT courses a long time ago.  Brian, and Justin, helped me go back to the basics, which are required and really what you need to go faster….braking, body position, throttle/brake/clutch coordination, etc.

I can’t wait to get back into race form and apply these principles I learned at GOT.

Without the basic principals, you will never get beyond a certain point. And most importantly, Brian and Justin made me feel good even though I was stumbling through some of the drills!

– Cliff Gormley